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Surfcoast Shire

Surfcoast Shire Council is located in Torquay Victoria, Australia. Based at the gateway to the Great Ocean Road,  the council has multiple offices across the region, providing visitor information centres, services and one of the largest councils in the region with over 200 employees.

The distances between the office locations are significant, with the old pabx systems there was minimal connectivity between offices leading to poor communications and staff having little integration amongst the whole organisation. The council wanted to not only be able to provide interconnectivity but also develop other forms of communications that current technology provided.


With over 200 users, staff were often playing phone tag between departments due to not having availability to presence. They needed a solution that could provide more efficiencies, the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform complete with Mitel Advanced Unified Applications provided this as a seamless solution. Using Mitels Unified Communicator Advanced, employees can instantly see whether a team member is at their desk or out of the office, ensuring more efficient customer call handling. To further improve employee productivity, UC Advanced has been integrated with Microsoft Outlook, making it possible to simply click on Microsoft Outlook contacts to make phone calls. Efficiencies have been noticed immediately.

As part of multi site solution, Connect Tel proposed a Mitel solution with IP Networking across two Mitel 3300 call controllers. IP Networking supports the MSDN/DPNSS protocols over the IP infrastructure. Controllers can be clustered in a single location to provide greater resiliency than a single controller operating autonomously. Controllers that are geographically separated can be seamlessly networked to share information and services in a transparent and cost efficient manner.

The Surfcoast Shire Council has now achieved notable efficiencies and overall greater productivity across the organisation. Using Mitels Software Assurance program, they can keep up with technology knowing that when Mitel introduces updated software and new products they are maintaining a updated communications platform. 



> Testimonials > Case Studies > Our Clients
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