As the NBN is being rolled out, it is forcing the mandated shut down of the older analogue (PSTN) and digital (ISDN) voice lines. SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) will be the primary way of delivering voice calls into your business premises. Connect Tel will work with you to ensure the transition is a smooth process.

Benefits of switching to ConnectTel

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SIP (Standard Internet Protocol) is the new standard for fixed voice communications. This new wholly digital technology offers many advantages over older PSTN and ISDN technologies. When switching your business phone lines to SIP you can expect:

Reduced Cost

SIP is the least expensive solution for providers to connect, install and manage.

This means low line rental and included calls.

Simple Scalability

Adding or removing lines is a very simple procedure and ensures the right solution is maintained for your business. Whether you’re expanding or streamlining your business, SIP can morph with your business.

Easy Installation and Hardware Interaction

Whether you are utilising simple IP handsets, a PABX hosted phone system, or a traditional on premises phone system and hardware. Integration with SIP is a simple procedure.


When you want a simple and up to date voice solution, with the functionality of a professional phone system, but without the large costs associated with the required hardware, a Hosted Voice Solution is the perfect solution. Get all of the benefits of SIP voice line solutions and phone system phone call management with a simple IP phone handset. Perfect for small businesses with lesser phone line counts and small staff numbers.

Enterprise Grade Handset

We specialise in Mitel IP Handsets for our Hosted Solution. These handsets are robust and feature rich to ensure longevity in your business. Buy these handsets outright or add them to your phone line plan as a monthly business expense.

Cost Effective

Low line rental with included fixed and mobile calls gives you peace of mind the you’ll avoid dreaded bill shock.


A hosted solution can easily grow with your business.



At ConnectTel we provide best in class Unified Communication & Business Telephone solutions all backed by a strong team of experienced Engineers.

ConnectTel partners with technology leader Mitel who is a proven specialist in developing world-class Cloud Unified Communication solutions.

Our Unified Communications solutions provide platforms from which to take advantage of the latest technology on your terms and as your needs evolve.

We focus on delivering great personalised service on an ongoing basis with national 24/7 support available.

Phone System Melbourne


ConnectTel has been specialising in professional phone system solutions for businesses of all sizes for over 20 years. We take a consultative approach when advising our customers to ensure the you get the right solution for your needs. Phone Systems are an important investment for your business, and we ensure you maximise the return on that investment.

PABx Hosted Phone Systems

Phone Systems do not require on-premises equipment anymore. All of the systems programming and licenses can exist in a secure data centre or server and all that’s required on site are professional IP handsets. These systems allow for certain redundancy contingencies to ensure your business remains on line with phone calls, even in the event of power or internet outages.

On-Premises Phone Systems

We can provide entirely on-site phone system solutions ranging from small and simple all the way to large and complex solutions.

Ongoing Support

We can support you through the entire life of your new phone system, whether PABx or on premises.

BRIA Enterprise


Bria Enterprise overlays on top of any VoIP solution, providing an easy to deploy, cloud-managed Unified Communication (UC) solution that can be scaled from one to thousands of seats.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Using Bria Enterprise?
Simply bring your existing VoIP solution and Bria Enterprise will add video calling, IM, presence and screen-sharing. All deployed within minutes!

Compatible with any VoIP System

Centralized softphone provisioning

Single sign-on and set-up within 60 seconds

Microsoft Team Calling Melbourne


Voice Calling by Microsoft Teams is a must-have and must-use option especially in today’s age of remote working and is now offered by ConnectTel.

This UCaaS platform is a perfect example of overnight transformation using digital technology where communication is key – making it even easier as it can be integrated with your existing Office 365. It has replaced the traditional VOIP and on-premises PSTN systems, giving organizations a single and centralized point of communication – both external and internal.

Now chat, video call, voice call, conduct meetings, share relevant files and store data all from one place with Microsoft Teams Voice Calling.

Tailor Made Plans

The plans are tailor-made to suit your organisational needs. It can be adapted for big or small organsations, keeping your organisation connected, even while working remotely

Integrated with existing Microsoft Office 365

No extra softwarre required, and ongoing support by ConnectTel ensure that it runs seamlessly for your organisation.

Secure and Cloud based

This solution is a must-have for all organizations to carry out secure, uninterrupted, and reliable communication and keep the team productive.

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