Live Stream Your Business From Anywhere

Have peace of mind over your business assets from anywhere. Hook your security system up to your router and monitor your business from your phone, tablet, or computer.

High Definition Video At Day And Night

Theft and vandalism often take place in dark and hard to see environments. ConnectTel’s IP Security Cameras¬†record in full HD, and are designed to take clear video in low-light and difficult settings.

Every detail can be valuable evidence when the unthinkable happens. The HD recordings will give you every piece of evidence available should you need it.

Crisp, Clear Audio In Real-Time

Sometimes even the perfect video doesn’t give you the whole picture.

ConnectTel’s dynamic wide range microphones give you crisp, real-time audio on all recordings. Hear every sound and every word with high range microphones designed to eliminate white noise such as wind and heavy rain.

Contact Connect Tel now to secure your business and assets.