Meet the Team



I play a key role in ensuring ConnectTel remains the market leader by overseeing day to day business and planning operations. Being a part of the telco industry for over 18 years, maintaining long term client relationships has become my forte. I am proud to have been associated with ConnectTel since 2001, a year after its inception by my father.


Sales Director

ConnectTel are intensely focused on voice communications. We don’t try to be all things to all people. We work a simple variety of specialties within communications, voice and data our key elements. My experience includes 20 years in the voice industry, from selling on-premise phone systems to now offering cloud based solutions. Most of my sales are referrals but also include existing clients who are VERY open to hearing about new technologies.​

Telstra Business Geelong



I design, build and implementation of all of ConnectTel’s Projects. Post Project I am the designated Service Manager, this means I keep in regular touch with key clients and remain a point of contact for our customers. I have been in Telecommunications for 5 years now and with ConnectTel for 2 of those.



I’ve been in the Telecoms industry for around 30 years, working with companies such as Philips, Samsung and Mitel as well as around 10 years in the partner channel. Most of this experience I gained in the UK and Europe and I moved to Australia to join ConnectTel in 2017.​


Voice Engineer

I have been with Connect Tel for 3 years now. I’m responsible for administrating and maintaining Mitel solutions in both client virtualised environments and traditional Mitel hardware. I work closely with the project management team and fellow engineers to provide a great client experience.



Software Developer

I have over 7 years of experience in software application development and joined ConnectTel in 2020. I’m Responsible for design, development, and implementation of ConnectTel’s internal software applications. I work closely with internal teams to support and enable them to provide great customer service.


Business Development Manager

NBN Business Advisor ID: 01453551
I work directly with businesses to help them understand and then implement ways to migrate their voice & data services onto the NBN Platform whilst maintaining business operations without disruption. For those businesses already on the NBN network I design and implement solutions with more current technology that will enable their staff to work remotely with ease and the ability to make calls from home whilst displaying the office number, place callers on hold, internally transfer calls to other staff member etc. Essentially enabling staff to work remotely whilst having all the tools available to work no differently to being in the office. I have 20 years in the industry and have been with ConnectTel for last 6 years.


Senior Mitel Engineer

I have been in the communications industry for 22 Years. I am passionate about understanding our clients and ensuring that the right solution has been delivered. As one of the senior engineers I have been a part of the Connect Tel Team now for 4 years supporting both the customers and the company moving forward.



Over 10 years of experience in telecom has enabled me to cultivate great relationships with clients across Northern Beaches, Sydney. Heading the Sydney office, our tailor made solutions are not only limited to large enterprises, we also work with the same dedication across all business sizes, specially small and medium enterprises. Being able to customise plans and solutions, suited to our clients’ needs gives us the edge over a lot of bigger providers and hence our customers love dealing with ConnectTel.​


Senior Voice Engineer

I’ve been at ConnectTel since 2005 and have a wide range of technical expertise in Business phone systems and VoIP, specialising in Mitel.  I work closely with our support team to help deliver the best customer service we can.