Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Team Calling – Solution by Connecttel

Today’s new world focused on managing the pandemic brought with it a lot of change – change with respect to basic living, changes when it came to socializing and some major changes at the workplace. Technology has transformed the way people started communicating – A UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform such as Microsoft Team’s Voice Calling replaced the traditional VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), giving way to a centralised integrated calling system that could be configured into the existing Office 365 systems being used by the employees. One no longer needed multiple devices to reach out to external partners and clients. Communication is key and with everyone working from home, effective and flawless communication became critical.

Benefits of using ConnectTel’s Teams Calling:

Replacement of On-premise solution with this Cloud Based PBX system

Microsoft’s Voice Calling feature is a cloud subscription service & you no longer require complicated and expensive equipment to link VoIP calls with the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to call externally. In short, this acts your in-house intercom as well as enables calls to anyone outside the office network. It keeps things professional as your personal number does not get disclosed to anyone trying to reach out.

Compatible and configurable

Teams Calling is configured with your existing Office 365 and can be used across devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, conference room speakerphones and teams’ compatible headsets. Migration to this software doesn’t take ages like some other options available in the market.

Enhanced Productivity

It helps your team to stay productive by enabling chatting, video calls, integrated chats, shared content control, screen sharing with just a click. You can work together with the entire team keeping them organized and productive, no matter where they are. Working and collaborating has become super easy with Microsoft Voice Calling.


This cloud-based infrastructure is accessible from any part of the world; if you have access to WiFi or an internet connection you have access to Voice calling. Apart from being accessible from any location, it makes the person accessible as the call doesn’t go to a device but to the person, no matter where they are as long as they are signed in.

With remote working becoming the new normal at organizations, empowering the employees with a tool for effective and efficient communication is the need of the hour. A full cloud solution integrated in Microsoft 365, the Teams calling enables smooth voice calling, video calling, meetings and more and an organization can migrate to it almost overnight. With more reliability and centralized management control the organization can communicate seamlessly & stay productive.

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